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My Bodhi W.E. Movement

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The My Bodhi WE Movement is a live performance that encompasses 26 choreographed dance moves which showcase emotions women experience throughout their lifetime. Through these movements we strive to empower women to reach their untapped potential.

The My Bodhi WE Movement will be performed in a limited capacity across 12 flagship destinations worldwide, with each performance being tailored to the local community.


To raise awareness for female empowerment and build a global fund which will support a variety of issues that directly impact women now.
While on tour, we will have additional revenue streams such as; merchandise, seminars, private events, etc.


100% of the proceeds will be distributed into My Bodhi foundation, a nonprofit organization created to support and facilitate women’s wellbeing. This nonprofit provides the accessibility to much needed services such as; student opportunities, job placement and the development of facilities to assist women who are in transition and need living accommodations.