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Adamâ Peace Bakery

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The Adamâ Peace Bakery in Oruchinga is a beacon of hope in the refugee community, a place to be sheltered, nourished, and sustained. Every day, working in shifts, the women and men of Adamâ produce bread and rolls that help to feed families who would otherwise go hungry. For many of our employees, especially the women, it is their first job, the first time they have been able to earn money on their own, to be the breadwinners and bread-makers. The bakery’s very existence is making a map for people in the camps to work and succeed.

Our goal is to make Adamâ Peace Bakery fully sustainable. To do that, we need your support. 100% of the money you donate will go into the bakery. We need more supplies, more equipment, and more funding to pay our employees a living wage.

Currently, we are building a store out in front of the bakery, so we can sell our bread to the neighboring communities. We want to expand our capacity and develop a distribution system, which means a vehicle to deliver what we bake to the people who need it the most – the children of Oruchinga.

Join our community of hope and donate today!